WHO MAKES "Win-Win"?
The Win-Win project is organized by the non-governmental organization «Go Great». This is a small but powerful and creative youth team, working at the Ukrainian Catholic University.

We work at once in several directions: human rights and dignity, the all-Ukrainian dialogue among the youth, the establishment of cooperation among different sectors of society, and the emergence of new leaders whose basic qualities will be sacrifice, humility, and the ability to listen and trust
Impact of "To Great":
  • There are 7 public activists in the «Go Great» team
  • For four years as a student initiative and two years as a non-governmental organization «Go Great» produced two short films: "We" and "How to build a home"
  • We have shown these films in 60 cities and towns; the largest audiences gathered in Lviv, Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Sloviansk.
  • Conducted 56 exciting discussions and colloquia
  • 4 showings abroad of a film with discussion (twice in France and twice in Italy)
  • We established the School of Active Citizens (SAC) and presented it in Kaniv, Cherkasy region
  • Established the All-Ukrainian Forum PRINCIPIUM. We conducted the following 4 forums: Kyiv (16-16 June 2016), Lviv (8-10.12.2016), Odessa (08/26/2017), Dnipro (22.09.2017).
  • We co-organized SpaceCraft, a platform of city teams
  • We are co-organizers of the Forum of Helsinki Union in Lviv (11-11-11, 2016)
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