Country of Win Win – it lasts two-week (13 to August - 26 August 2018) and consits of an educational and formational program for the Ukrainian young people from diaspore aged 18 to 35. The program is divided into 2 parts. The first is common to all participants, and its topic is Innovative-valuable Ukraine. The aim of the first part is to introduce seccessful Ukrainian cases that embody the idea of Win-Win. Participants will have an opportunity to meet opinion makers, politicians, reformers, and NGOs; They will travel to Ukrainian cities, visit the country's creative spaces. During this time, the participants will be divided into three areas:
  • cultural diplomacy
  • reforms diplomacy
  • visionary diplomacy

Each area will be supported by its own mentor. The aim of the mentor is to help participants create their own projects related to the creation of a positive image of Ukraine, based on the obtained experience. The last but not the least part of the program is the project's implementation stage. Mentors will provide their support not only during the project, but during half a year after study visit. Win-Win is a long-term program that plans to organize 2 meetings per year – in summer and in winter. In the future, active communities will be created whose participants will be agents of Ukrainian cultural diplomacy all over the world and who will help to strengthening the positive image of Ukraine on the international scene.

How to participate?


  • Basic knowledge of the Ukrainian language
  • Motivation letter
  • Skype Interview
  • Recommendations from the diaspora community / organizations are welcomed
The Win-Win country is a non-profit project, that is why we need support from partners and donors. If you share our idea and are ready to engage in any way to support this initiative, you can contact us at the address, and we will send you all the important information.
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